What's in a name?

What's In A Name ? is a two year project funded by the Heritage Lottery designed to study and record the origins and significance of the street names of Sunderland.

  • Who put the Garcia in Garcia Terrace and the Otto in Otto Terrace ?
  • What connection is there between Sunderland and Hawarden ?
  • What is Toward Road towards – if at all ?
  • Who, what or where is Tel-El-Kebir ?
  • Who was the Atkinson in Atkinson Road ? Was he related to Winifred and Annie ?
  • Why is there a Fitzroy Terrace in Southwick ?

Street names are easily taken for granted but they can tell us much about the social and economic growth of communities, about the people who lived there, about the times in which the streets were built and much more besides…Even the origin and reason for the modern names given to new housing estates is often not at all obvious to the people who live there. Every one tells a story… Read More

Very little is published regarding street names. The best book is Room, Adrian The Street Names of England , Stamford 1992. Indeed his book was one of the stimuli which led to the Whats In A Name project. There are various web-sites dealing with local place names for particular localities. This summary is based very much on the categories defined by Adrian Room. The examples used are drawn from various places throughout the UK although Sunderland equivalent examples have also been added. Read More

Can you help?

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